Pioneer CD-i200 iBus Interface Cable for iPod Just one simple cable that goes directly into the iBUS connector found on select Pioneer head units.

iPod Cable for Pioneer CD-i200 iBus Interface
iPod Cable for Pioneer CD-i200 iBus Interface
Item# Pioneer-CD-i200

Product Description:

  • CD-i200 it only takes a single cable to directly connect your iPod.
  • Data transfer is fast and you get full search and full control of all the music on your iPod.
  • Now you can maximize your in-car iPod® experience!
  • With no additional box required,
    • directly connect your iPod for total control,
    • crystal clear sound

    easy file navigation:

    •  full-tag artist
    • album
    •  song
    •  playlist information displayed directly on the head unit
    •  all while charging the iPod battery.
       Search Through all your music contained on your iPod
       Easily access your favorite songs through Playlist, Artist or Album on your iPod.
    • You can even jump from album-to-album with a push of a button
       View Artist, Album, Song information and Song number right from your Pioneer head unit or AV head units.
       Shuffle your music in 3 modes: Songs, Album and All.
       View a new dedicated iPod icon displayed on-screen
       View Song number, play time indicator, song time (progress bar) on the Pioneer radio display.

      • DEH-P3000IB, DEH-P4000UB, DEH-P5000UB
      • Premier DEH-P400UB, Premier DEH-P500UB
      • AVH-P4000DVD, AVH-P5000DVD
      • AVIC-D3, AVIC-N4, AVIC-N5
      • DEH-P4900iB, DEH-P5900iB
      • Premier DEH-P490iB, Premier DEH-P590iB
      •  Not compatible with pre-2006 radios or radios with iP-BUS Connectors.
      • Compatible with any updated iPod with a dock connector including:
      •  iPod mini, iPod Photo, iPod Nano, and iPod Video equipped with the dock connector.
      • The iPod screen and scroll wheel are disabled when connected to this cable.
      • Pioneer logo is displayed on iPod screen.