Sony Street Style Headphones
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Sony Street Style Headphones <br>G52LP
Sony Street Style Headphones
Item# MDR-G52LP
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Product Description:

Sony MDR-G52LP

Product Features:

  • Street Style: cutting-edge approach to headphone fashion
  • Behind-the-neck headband won't interfere with your hairstyle
  • Non-slip: ideal for jogging, dancing, aerobics, blading and other activities
  • Ultra-small, ultra-light headphones weigh only 2 ounces without cord
  • 30 mm diameter drive units for deeper bass, lower distortion and wider dynamic range
  • Frequency response extends down to a low 16 Hz
  • Sony Acoustic Turbo Circuit for ample, extended bass response and clear treble
  • Ferrite magnets for high energy and compact size: 104 dB/mW sensitivity
  • Oxygen-free copper cord for maximum conductivity, minimum noise
  • Gold-plated mini-plug for maximum conductivity, minimum noise