Lanzar Pro - Cd/ Mp3 Players Car-Stereos

Lanzar Car Stereos
The elegant exterior of Lanzar's ProAudio gives you a good indication of the features and performance you'll find inside these receivers.
The flip-down faceplate, stealth look, and high-contrast multicolor display make a strong style statement, while a powerful internal amp (240 Watts Max) energizes your music. This unit embraces the latest technology it will play back all of your favorite songs.You'll enjoy stunning sound quality, thanks to high-quality dual D/A converters, zero-bit detector mute circuitry, and an adjustable digital equalizer. Lanzar's PLL Sunthesizer tuner will impress you with its superb AM/FM reception. Also, sports preamp outputs to keep your options open for system expansion. A wireless remote is included.