iPod Connection Cable for Jensen - (j-Link-2) Jensen ipod

iPod Connection Cable for Jensen - (j-Link-2) Jensen ipod
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Product Description:


This cable plugs into your iPod's dock connector and then into the changer port on the back of your stereo. You will be in control of your library all the time and the cable keeps charging your iPod battery while it's connected. The jLink2 Cable is compatible with Jensen Phase Linear jLink ready head-units and Jensen headunits that feature the Multimedia Link Module.

Key Features:

  • iPod connecting and charging adapter cable for select Jensen in-dash receivers
  • Audio And Video Playback: 5th generation iPod video only
  • Directly control iPod audio functions from radio and IR remote
  • Direct connection for best possible audio/video reproduction
  • Charges and controls iPod directly from the radio

Audio and video playback from:

  • Audio And Video Playback: 5th generation iPod video only
  • Audio Playback Only: iPod mini, iPodnano (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation), iPod photo, iPod classic and iPod touch
  • Direct Radio Control: You can directly control audio functions of your iPod from your Jensen radio or IR remote if applicable.
  • Display Text: Your Jensen radio will display text information such as song, track or artist name from your iPod.
  • Photo & Video Playback: You are able to playback photos and videos on your in-dash Jensen head-unit with built in monitor when using a 5th generation iPod.
  • Direct Connection: The jLink gives you the best possible audio and video reproduction because the cable allows you to directly hookup your iPod to your Jensen head-unit instead of using an external or wireless RF modulator.
  • Charges iPod: The cable charges the iPod directly from the radio.
  • Note: This cable is not compatible with 1st and 2nd generation iPods or shuffle.
Not compatible with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPod or iPod shuffle

Compatibility List: 

  • Jensen VM9312
  • Jensen VM9312HD
  • Jensen VM9412
  • Jensen VM9512
  • Jensen VM9512HD
  • Jensen VM9022
  • Jensen VM9022HD
  • Jensen VM9022HDN
  • The JLink2 works ONLY with Jensen in-dash multimedia units that end in the model "2" or higher.
  • It does not work with the "1", "0" or any older series such as the VM9311TS or VM9511TS