Ipod Cable for Eclipse Car Stereos (not available at this time)

Ipod Connecting Cable for Eclipse Car Stereos
Ipod Connecting Cable for Eclipse Car Stereos
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Product Description:

The ELC/E-Pod aftermarket iPod harness lets you connect iPod products to the 13-pin E-LAN CD changer connector port on select ECLIPSE aftermarket radios.

  • With this harness installed you can connect iPod products directly to select Eclipse (by Fujitsu Ten) in-dash Receiver with CD Changer controls and begin to enjoy the best sound through a clean audio connection.
    Compatibility & Notes: ( please read before purchasing this part )
    The ECL/E-POD connects to the 13-pin circular CD changer port on the back of the receiver.
  • Will only work with Eclipse stereos that are compatible with Eclipse accessory part # AUX105..
  • This part will not work if the AUX105 is not listed in the accessory parts list for your eclipse stereo.
  • This cable is 6' long with an iPod dock connector on one end and Eclipse 13-pin male plug on the other
  • Will Charge Ipod
  •  Control and display remain on the iPod-- this cable offers no iPod controls or text display on the radio.
    Special Notes:
  •  Eclipse cd changer must be disconnected to use this interface
  •  The ECL/E-POD cable will NOT WORK if the Eclipse radio is not "AUX Ready".
  • Please check the manual or call Eclipse before you order this part.