Pyle Electronic SUBWOOFER Crossover Network +12DB Increases Bass 4x Times

Electronic Subwoofer Crossover Network +12db
Electronic Subwoofer Crossover Network +12db
Item# PLXR2-mm

Product Description:

Crossovers allow users to adjust the frequency at a customized sweetspot.
This PLXr2 has a selectable lowpass crossover at 50hz, 90hz, 180hz, and a Subwoofer Bass Boost +12DB at 45hz, 80Hz, 120Hz. Can be hooked up with either High Level Inputs or Low Level Inputs - Connect via Rca cables for easy install -
Bonus Features: Input Line Level Adjustments to increase input out to amplifier

 Electronic Subwoofer Crossover Network w/12dB Bass Boost

  • Electronic Low Pass Crossover Network
  • Low Level RCA Inputs
  • High Level Line Inputs
  • Variable Gain Adjustment
  • LED Power Indicator
  • 12dB Bass Boost
Model  PLXR2
Brand  Pyle
Category  Signal Processors
Series  Wave Series
MSRP  $30.00
Warranty  2 Year
Item Manual  PLXR2 Click Here