What are Radio and Dash Installation Kits Used for?

Dash Install Kits: Why Use?
Install Kits
Install kits, In-dash stereo installation kits: Allow a new Aftermarket replacement radio to be mounted into the opening where the auto makers OEM radio was. Install kits Convert size differences between OEM stock radios & Aftermarket Replacement radios: In the simplest explanation, the auto makers factory radio is different in size and/or shape than a new aftermarket replacement radio.
  • The newest body style called a ‘DIN’

  • Standard DIN sized radio, is rectangular 2” high by 7” wide for single DIN,

  • This body style is found with indash CD players, detachable faces, pullout radios, and certain auto makers factory radios.

  • Double DIN radios or 1.5 DIN radios are Larger radios Usually with Cassette and CD Combined

  • Double DIN / 1.5 DIN are found in Chrysler, Fords, GM, and others

  • The second body style is called  “Shafted Style"

  • Was used with analog manual tuning radio many years ago.

  • This body style is still available and has seen the introduction of digital electronics and tuning.

Many auto makers factory radios are bigger than aftermarket radios. This is the sole purpose to add an install dash kit.  Professional Installers use when installing the new replacement radio.  The difference between the OEM auto makers factory radio and the aftermarket replacement must be accounted for.

Radio indash installation kits are designed, specifically for  particular vehicles, to allow the smaller replacement radio to fit into the larger hole where the auto makers factory radio was originally installed.

Install Guide
A Kit For Every Car

Kits Designed For One Vehicle:

This style of kit is the most popular for professional installers. Although install shops must

stock many styles of dash-kits, a custom designed dash stero kit to fit one particular vehicle is unique.  In many instances, a particular vehicle style is so different from any other vehicle that a custom kit must be designed.  Manufacturers who custom design kits for one particular vehicle assure that the replacement radio properly fits the vehicle and looks the best cosmetically.

Multi Vehicle Kits:

For many automobiles (General Motors and Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth vehicles are examples)

“multi” vehicle radio installation kits are an excellent choice. Many GM vehicles use the exact same radio body style in  their vehicles designs. Because of this, General Motors makes installation of radios at the factory modular simply by changing the brackets that mount the radio to the dash. Many times these brackets are simply bolted to the radio. For these radios, the brackets can be unbolted and bolted directly to the “multi” vehicle radio installation kit designed for the GM vehicles. So for these vehicles, kits specifically designed for their vehicle are not necessary. Using the brackets attached to the original General Motors radio allows the kit to be mounted directly to the dash exactly as the original General Motors radio was. Other auto makers such as Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth also use the same radio body style in most of their vehicles. For these vehicles, one kit usually fits all vehicles without changing the brackets. When purchasing a kit for these vehicles, there is a good chance that the kit you purchase will fit your car.