Clarion DXZ365MP In-Dash CD CDR MP3 Receiver w/ CeNet & CD changer controls

Clarion DXZ365MP In-Dash CD / MP3 Car Stereo
Clarion DXZ365MP In-Dash CD / MP3 Car Stereo
Item# Clarion DXZ365MP

Product Description:

BRAND NEW Clarion DXZ365MP with a detachable faceplate,and aninternal amp. The LCD can clearly display artist name and the status of various functions. Moreover, this unit includes features such as Z-Enhancer (which adjusts tonal balance to suit your personal tastes), Magna Bass EX (which adjusts bass response to compensate for various volume levels) and MOS-FET amplifier (for high-powered sound). The DXZ365MP is 50 watts 4.
CLARION DXZ365MP In-Dash CD/MP3/WMA Receiver