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Chevy 95- UP Speaker Adaptor Assembly Kit
Chevy 95- UP Speaker Adaptor Assembly Kit
Item# GMSB-345xtc

Product Description:

Chevy 95-98 /GMC
1. Remove window crank, using a window crank removal tool or pick tool
2. For cars with power windows and door locks remove the power window control trim panel by pulling the panel up and sliding forward.
3. Remove the beauty cap from inside the door handle pull arm and remove the [2] screws from this location
4. Using a panel removal tool carefully pry outward on the edges of the entire door panel to release the panel fasteners.
5. Lift up on the door panel to release the top lip, unplug all connectors and remove door panel.
6. Remove the [4] screws securing the speaker to the door adapter, unplug the speaker wires and remove the speaker.
7. Remove the [4] screws securing the factory speaker adaptor to the door panel and remove.
CHEVY 1999-up GMC - Pickup/Sierra
1. Extract [1] Hex screw from below door pull.
2. Carefully Pop off side mirror triangel bezel.
3. Pop up power switch plate, unplug, remove, and extract [1] screw from that location.
4. Pop off lock slider mechanism and extract [1] screw from behind.
5. Pop off trim around the door release handle and remove.
6. Lift panel up to release, unplug any electrical, and remove.
7. Unsnap speaker, unplug and remove.
Chevy 2000-Up Suburban / Tahoe - GMC 2000-UP YUKON/DENALI/XL
1. Using a panel removal tool, unsnap the side mirror triangle bezel, lift and remove.
2. Unsnap the door release handle bezel and remove.
3. Using panel tool removal, unsnap the window control panel, lift and remove.
4. Extract screw from underneath door handle, behind, and bottom edge of door panel.
5. Using a small screwdriver, remove door lock/unlock indicator.
6. Using a panel removal tool, release speaker, lift and disconnect and remove.