6x9 Speaker Grill for Car Speakers - Speaker Grille

6x9 Speaker Grill Protection
6x9 Speaker Grill Protection
Item# 6x9SpkGrill

Product Description:

6x9 Speaker Grill for Car Speakers - Speaker Grille

Custom Aftermarket 6x9 Deluxe Speaker Grille EZ to install

  • Includes all mounting hardware ared Speaker Cutout Template
  • Fits all 6x9 Auto speakers
  • (including deep gasket desings up to 3/4 Inch Deep surround Rubber)
  • This is perfect for replacing those old cracked ones that sit on the rear deck and get weather beaten
  • Maybe you don't need a new set of speakers, that rattling may just be the speaker grille.


  • Heat Resistant
  • Wont crack or deform
  • Protects your hi-Tech Speakers
  • Great sound. MAXimum Acoustic efficiency
  • 95% sound efficiency.. most grills only give 60%
  • Protective Particle Filter
  • Eliminates rattle and color fade
  • Easy mounting on doors or rear decks.
  • Grille are sold individually